3 October 2010
by Arno

I’ve spent this afternoon implementing a particle system into the game.

Well, what is the first thing you do with a particle system? You set shit on fire!

I’ve implemented it by using this:

Don’t worry about the framerate, it choked up when I took the picture, it runs smooth as silk at 60 FPS on both my dev machine as the xbox 360, even with 4 viewports.

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  • Hassan Selim says:

    ROFLOL !!!
    That might also be the same thing I might do when I make a particle system, it kind of reminds me of a character called “Lucifier” (i think) on WarCraft 3′s DoTA map :D
    I noticed that this particle sample is other than the old one that was for XNA 2,3&3.1, I’ll take a look at it soon :)

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