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Forest Hero
by Team Lolkat
version Updated: 15-4-2010

Notice: If you have have played an older version of our game, it is possible that you have an outdated settings file. If you are unable to scroll the planet with your scroll button, please delete the “ForestHero” folder in “\My Documents\SavedGames”.

  • Devesh Kumar says:


    Its very sad news that u could not make it through Round 2. We are from India and you perhaps visited my Blog.Our team is through round 2-Zephyr.
    So, I will suggest you to not loose hope and do more work . It seems really upset to say try next year but hope good and that will be gr8.

    Like to know more about you all and be your friend.
    Mail me

    • Ruben says:

      Hey Devesh!
      Thank you for your comment and congrats with advancing to round 2!
      I’m unsure if I’ve seen the video of your game. Do you have a YouTube link to it? Maybe something playable?
      We are now looking at the possibilities of joining the Windows Mobile Rockstar award. Porting what we now have to Windows Mobile 7, or maybe starting something new. If there is any news, we will post it here.
      We wish you and your team good luck in the rest of the competition!

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