New project

As you might have read in our previous blog posts, we hoped that we could spend another 6 months on Forest Hero/Lolkat Game to make the game complete, even more beautiful and fun to play. For the coming 6 months, our school has some new requirements on the games that we develop. It has to be an online multiplayer game. Since the Forest Hero source code became very complicated after adding path finding and a lot of different units with different functions, we decided that it’s not a good idea to make Forest Hero as an online multiplayer game. It would just become too complicated and too much work to refactor the whole game.

So we decided to abandon Forest Hero and start a new project. One of the differences in the way that we develop is that it should be multiplayer, simple and fun to play from the beginning. Gameplay is everything and the graphics have been moved to the second place.

To read more about our second game project, visit the RC Smashers website!

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  • Marco says:

    The main problem with the new requirements were that it HAD to be published on the XBOX. Since Foresthero is an RTS, we felt that it would be better to start a new project altogether that fits the platform better.