We failed!

Unfortunately we did not make it to round 2.

We received a message on Twitter an Academic Evangelist from Microsoft (a judge?); “this year’s competition was incredibly strong and there were many impressive games that didn’t make it.”

We really hope to get some feedback from the judges who judged us, because this is absolutely not what we expected. Would they have not been able to run the game? Would they have any idea that the planet in our game is not just a simple 3D S Max model, but a completely by code generated random planet? Was the documentation not good enough?

A big disappointment, but we still have our school project, so we will finish our game!

  • FormatC says:

    Hi, we didn’t make it too. It was a “cold shower” when I saw results. You can watch our game here (subtitles are in czech because I was our semester project in school) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhRgE2-Y6jE

    • Ruben says:

      Thank you for the comment! Your game looks really nice! Too bad that you didn’t make it in the Imagine Cup as well. I think the only reason that you didn’t advance is the E-Rating ;)
      Is it possible to play it online somewhere?

  • My Team didn’t make it either, I think you didn’t pass because Playable level was very simple, all you needed is make 1 Tree.
    We had a similar problem, we didn’t have time to make a level, so in the last few days I made a tutorial which shows the basics of the game, apparently that wasn’t enough :(

    • Ruben says:

      Thank you for your feedback! Do you have a YouTube video of your game tutorial? (can’t find it with YouTube search:P)

      • I didn’t put the video and I even didn’t blog about the IC 2010, because I expected that we would lose (again) so I didn’t want to make a huge thing out of nothing, I wanted to see the results first, also I have some friends in the team who don’t like making everything public.
        But I’ll upload it soon and blog about it probably with a title like “What not to do in an ImagineCup Round 1 submition” :)

  • Meneer Houtveen says:

    To bad you guys did not make it into the second round. I still think it’s a very educational, and fun to play when it’s completely done.

    So the judges did not provide you with some feedback, about “Why” your team did not make it to the second round ? That is not really professional of them. They should at least tell you why.

    But anyway, when it’s done you will have a game with your team’s names on it :-) Perhaps you can sell it now :-P .

    Happy further coding on the project. Greetings

  • Hendrys says:

    Hello… We are passing by the same Bitter drink.. we failed to the second round, and they didn’t tell us why whatsoever.. I hope they give su some feedback cause this isn’t what we expected.

    If you receive feedback please don’t forget to tell me… see ya


  • Hasit Bhatt says:

    You lost bcoz u haven’t given enough instructions in your game so you got marks out of 80………..not out of 100…..
    So, Better luck next time……..