New project

As you might have read in our previous blog posts, we hoped that we could spend another 6 months on Forest Hero/Lolkat Game to make the game complete, even more beautiful and fun to play. For the coming 6 months, our school has some new requirements on the games that we develop. It has to be an online multiplayer game. Since the Forest Hero source code became very complicated after adding path finding and a lot of different units with different functions, we decided that it’s not a good idea to make Forest Hero as an online multiplayer game. It would just become too complicated and too much work to refactor the whole game.

So we decided to abandon Forest Hero and start a new project. One of the differences in the way that we develop is that it should be multiplayer, simple and fun to play from the beginning. Gameplay is everything and the graphics have been moved to the second place.

To read more about our second game project, visit the RC Smashers website!

New video

Game update

No CO2 problems anymore, just conquer the planet! We skipped the Imagine Cup ideology a little, stopped calling it Forest Hero and changed about everything in the game!

Lolkat (demo)

Play Lolkat!


by Team Lolkat
version Updated: 15-6-2010

We failed!

Unfortunately we did not make it to round 2.

We received a message on Twitter an Academic Evangelist from Microsoft (a judge?); “this year’s competition was incredibly strong and there were many impressive games that didn’t make it.”

We really hope to get some feedback from the judges who judged us, because this is absolutely not what we expected. Would they have not been able to run the game? Would they have any idea that the planet in our game is not just a simple 3D S Max model, but a completely by code generated random planet? Was the documentation not good enough?

A big disappointment, but we still have our school project, so we will finish our game!

New features, new bugs

Today we uploaded a newer version of our game. We added 2 new types of units; the farmer who burns down trees to create fertile ground for his farm and the fireman who has the ability to extinguish the burning trees.

It’s also possible to create buildings, however they don’t have a use yet.

There are still many small things that are not the way they should be; the fireman uses the model of the lumberjack, buildings don’t have a use, many animations aren’t created yet, buildings and trees can be build on top of eachother etc. However, it runs and gives a better view of the game than the last version did.

You can check it out here:

Game demo for round 1

[edit: The version that you can play is newer than the one that we submitted for round 1]
You can play the demo for round 1 on

This is the demo we submitted for the first round of the Game Design section of the Imagine Cup. The players goal in this demo is to plant trees to prevent the CO2 level from rising too much.

Video for Round 1


Welcome to the Forest Hero Webpage! This blog is about the Xbox 360 and PC game that we are making for the Game Design section of the Imagine Cup 2010.

Forest Hero screenshot (23-03-2010)

Forest Hero screenshot (23-03-2010)